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 Message from Coach Hey

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PostSubject: Message from Coach Hey   Wed May 14, 2008 8:29 am

Thu May 08, 2008 3:15 am

Good morning from Germany

first of all,congratulations for the new forum.I hope this can be a place of fair and honest discussions for and about Liberian Football.

Because of the fact,that we cannot provide the media with detailed informations while here,we would like to use this forum to give you an update of our camp,preparation,selection,programme a.s.o.

At the moment,we are preparing our camp.The German FA is working very hard to give us a perfect environment for our camp.We have arranged 2 test matches so far.On the 15.05.we play in Berlin vs Hertha Berlin and on the 18.05 we play in Cottbus vs Energie Cottbus.We hope to find at least one more match for the 20.05.
We are going to meet on Monday, Leipzig.Only Dioh Williams and Oliver Makor will join one day later,cause they have their last league match to play.We will have 26 players in camp,but we have no final confirmation on the players Crayton,Dixon and Johnson.I trust that they are informed and will be there in time.
If a player is not in camp by monday,he will be replaced,unless he is excused like Makor or Williams.We have no time to waste,it would be sad,but I am not waiting for anybody.

On the 23.05 we leave Germany for Casablanca where we meet Marocco for a final warm up match.We are expected back to Monrovia on Monday,26.05 for the final phase of our preparation towards Gambia.

I try to give you an update from time to time,rest asured,we are doing everything possible to build a strong and winning side.
We have a huge task ahead,but with the support of everybody,we will be successful.There is no doubt.

My kindest regards to all out there,we all share the same dream.2010!

Tony Hey
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Duport Road


Number of posts : 102
Points : 126
Registration date : 2008-04-02

PostSubject: Re: Message from Coach Hey   Wed May 14, 2008 8:30 am

Fri May 09, 2008 11:46 am

Hallo to all of you,

first of all,thank you for all the good wishes and remarks.We promise,to do all we can to make Liberia proud.

The camp has received a huge setback,cause we could not get Visa for Germany in time.Therefore our delegation has to be back at the german embassy on Tuesday(Monday is bankholiday) and hopefully we can leave the same day to Germany.So 12 Players and 4 Officials are still waiting for things to happen in Monrovia.
Kelvin Sebwe,Ben Teekloh and George Gebro will be in camp on Monday
Dioh Williams and Jimmy Dixon will play a last game on Thursday and will follow on Friday
Solomon Grimes and Oliver Makor will play on Wednesday and follow on Thursday.
Dulee Johnson and Louis Crayton are up to now not responding,we still try to get them.
Alex Nimely is unsure of his passport/visa,the details I do not know by now.
Francis Doe is in Washington to get his visa,as I understand he will make it.

My biggest concern is the late arrival of our Monrovia group.......!

We have fixed a test match for Wednesday,14.05 in Jena vs Carl Zeiss Jena and as you know on Thursday vs Hertha Berlin.
All arrangements have been made,everybody here in Germany is excited to see the Liberia Nationalteam.

Also I understand,there is some confusion over Momo Blamo,we will definately make a statement on that soon.But one thing is sure,we have signed an expert in Coach Sillah and if he things we should change a goalkeeper,then I will listen.Keep you informed.

I hope and trust,we will get organized soon,so that we finally can start preparing our players for the big tasks ahead.

My kindest regards to all of you,rest asured we are trying very hard here.......

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Message from Coach Hey
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