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 Fallah Calls on Liberians to Give President Sirleaf Another Chance

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PostSubject: Fallah Calls on Liberians to Give President Sirleaf Another Chance   Wed Jul 20, 2011 6:26 am

A young US-based Liberian financial and software systems expect Mr. Austin S. Fallah is calling on Liberians to be mindful of those he referred to as “political globetrotters”, who are wondering around and have no good intention for the country.

These individuals, according to Mr. Fallah, only surface during elections, and after they are defeated, they disappear into oblivion, waiting for the next circles of elections.

Mr. Fallah, who just graduated with another graduate degree in software systems from the prestigious University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, said Liberians will only vote into office individuals who make things happen and not none entities.

He said under President Sirleaf, the nation for the first time has seen a direct democracy in place, where citizens can propose, and vote on every policy of government via their representatives.

Mr. Fallah, also a candidate for the degree of Doctor of Jurisprudence (Law), called on Liberians to see wisdom in where Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has taken the country and give her another chance.

He said what we have been reading are criticisms of the Ellen government “but those criticizing have not offered any logical and workable solutions.”

“It will be a bad mistake, if Liberians elect anyone who cannot visit nor sit and discuss with leaders of donor nations,” Mr. Fallah is quoted as saying in an exclusive interview with The Liberian Journal barely 24 hours after the heroic arrival in Monrovia of the standard-bearer and vice-standard bearer of the Congress for Democratic Change.

A supervisor within the Financial Analysis and Accounting Department of Minnesota largest county government, Mr. Fallah said even though he’s calling on Liberians to give Pres. Sirleaf another chance, the president must equally take steps to improve the lives of the Liberian people, socially and economically from its current state to a better state, adding “there must be structural, economic and political changes in government”.

He also said it is time to grade the performance of the government in the areas of the economy, social justice, good governance, security, among others, having completed its quizzes, midterm and final exams.

Mr. Fallah explained that the 2011 election is the perfect time for Liberians to make a decision on whether the government did a good work or not.

He said his call for the re-election of the Liberia leader is based on some progress and it is his personal opinion “as I see things and heard from foreign friends in the Diaspora and fellow Liberians who have been to Liberia and back over the years.”

On the issue of the nation’s security, Mr. Fallah said “The nation is safe today because of the help Liberia continues to receive from the international community, and the best security leadership and personnel of our local security apparatus. They must be commended for putting their lives on the line for the security and safety of all Liberians”.

News reports say thousands of Monrovians turned out to give Ambassadors Winston Tubman and George Weah a rousing welcome, a sign of strength many pundits believe the party would need to win the 2011 elections.

However, Mr. Fallah said he envisages a better and prosperous Liberia under the uninterrupted leadership of Pres. Sirleaf.

Asked if he has any intention of running for future political office in Liberia, Mr. Fallah said the future will tell. Mr. Fallah said many Liberians see him as a major player in the 2017 presidential election.

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Fallah Calls on Liberians to Give President Sirleaf Another Chance
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