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 ‘That My Area’: Ellen Tells Opposition - Monkey Still Working Baboon Will Draw Later

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PostSubject: ‘That My Area’: Ellen Tells Opposition - Monkey Still Working Baboon Will Draw Later   Fri Jul 08, 2011 12:53 am

‘That My Area’: Ellen Tells Opposition - Monkey Still Working Baboon Will Draw Later

Clouded in the background of Sundaygar Dearboy’s latest musical hit ‘Ugly Baboon’, incumbent President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf marked the first day of campaign activities with a fierce but poignant message to her political opponents, declaring emphatically that she is already in winning mood and on winning territory.

Not finished yet’

“That my area”, the president declared as she addressed partisans at what the ruling party called an acquaintance rally at its Congo Town headquarters in Monrovia. Taking a jibe at her political opponents, Sirleaf poked a pointed message as she told politicians to wait a few more years as she still has a mission to complete and a mandate to fulfill.

Sirleaf said she was optimistic that the mammoth turnout of Unity Party Partisans and supporters at the Party’s national headquarters is a fulfillment that she has over the last five years delivered most of the campaign.

Heralding a litany of her achievements over the past five years, Sirleaf said: “The construction of roads throughout Monrovia, clinics, schools, and hospitals in this country, that my area!

The debt that was accumulated over the past decades by those other people which our little children would have been paying for over 20 years, that my area! Taking our market women that were selling in that street and building market buildings for them, that my area! Paying civil servants on time and with that own account, that my area! Having 2,000 and more trained new armed forces and preparing the coastguard with boats patrolling our coastal waters, that my area!

Back are light and water when there was none, and now you can open a pump in your house, that my area! Rebuilding Liberia’s image with the international community and bringing back to Liberia those partners of ours who left this country, that my area! I am not finished yet, the free compulsory primary education for our children that my area!”

Will complete what she started

Sirleaf assured partisans that she has a mandate to complete and a duty to live up to. She called on her supporters not to allow themselves to be fooled by politicians who she said, cannot offer Liberia anything, thereby dissipating their future.

Added Sirleaf: “I am happy for every one of you, because you have contributed to the peace we are enjoying today. I am proud of you because you made a decision that you have not regretted. I promise you all that what I have stated will be completed.” Smiling and dancing, Sirleaf mocked her opposition, saying: “Let ugly baboon wait small, baboon still working. This country must not be placed in the hands of those who can contribute and will contribute nothing to our people.”

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PostSubject: Re: ‘That My Area’: Ellen Tells Opposition - Monkey Still Working Baboon Will Draw Later   Fri Jul 08, 2011 1:38 am

campaign fever has started...its going to really be interesting..hi Nica! th_hi

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‘That My Area’: Ellen Tells Opposition - Monkey Still Working Baboon Will Draw Later
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