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 Where are the Progressives?

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PostSubject: Where are the Progressives?   Thu Feb 17, 2011 3:06 am

Where are the Progressives?
By Teah Jardia

Leadership is the ability to devise means to attract the masses or
formulate policies to meet immediate crises and satisfy the demands of
the people. However, since the 2005 general and presidential elections,
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has not been able to bring home the bacon for the
Liberian people but still retains the instinct of a ggurrilla leader as
gut wrenching corruption of her administration now is dashing the hope
of the Liberian people.

The International Commnity by now has realized that Ellen's
presidency was a political mistake as evidenced by the abuse of power
and rampant corruption, as indicated in International Transparency
Report. In spite of the political crisis brewing in her administration
relative to bread and butter and a country she has not been able to fix,
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is hell bent on pulverizing the progressives and
has adapted a strategy of political flexibility to rid out the storm of
oppositions and re-emerge in the October elections. She has assimilated a
bunch of loyalists and carpet baggers to lower level positions to
embark upon deceiving the electorates by presenting as false what is
true of the economic hardship in her administration.

Where are the progressives against back drop of political
mediocrity of high unemployment the country has ever experienced; are
they still agents of change and will they stand up and speak against the
continuing human indignities and political irregularities that permeate
the Ellen's regime? Are they willing to put at risk the political
future of the country or personal ambitions have overshadowed the
people's cause?

Amid Ellen's calibrated defiance to implement the TRC Report and
reconstitute the Election Commission, can the progressives rally the
troops agains Ellen's blatant disregard for the rule of law or they have
chosen the easy wat out to support the candidacy of Ellen's second term
of office. Laughable, should we really allow this power inebrated woman
a second term in office in the face of rampant corruption and high
unemployment in the country or rally the troop against her in the coming

Where are the progressives against failed campaign promises of
light and water and a nation in darkness? Paul Greenberg once said,
"When a nation lives by its principles, it dies with them"; have the
progressives abondoned their principles for the Ellen's gravy Train?

Ellen has infiltrated the Union ofLiberian Association in the
Americas, (ULLA) and has reduced it into factional heads. The Union
which has been a liaison between the people and the Liberian government
for more than 30 years has been unproductive and has abondoned its
advocacy status. Some of the self-proclaim photo opts leaders are paid
agents for the Ellen's corrupt regime.

Where are the progressives since the ellen's administration has not
been able to put forward a genuine public policy agenda that will
create change for our people still living in squalor. Ellen
Johnson-Sirleaf and her cronies are openly swindling the nation's
resources buying votes and increasing their foreign accounts. Where are
the progressives and will they help the masses inspire our people who
are in despair and need a way out of the economic harship to help them
make the right decisions in the coming elections.

It is imperative for the progressives to be conscious of 2011 which
is pivotal to the political direction of our country because the simple
minded strategy by the Sirleaf administration is to deny the peple
economic survival until the elections before giving out bags of rice in
exchange for their votes which is a bad strategy.

It is obvious Ellen is dictatorial and doesn't mean well for the
country she is presiding over. What was not also surprising was the fact
that Ellen awarded a medal of honor to Cocoo Dennis as a war hero for
killing innocent women and children in Liberia. The events that honored
such a despicable killer was a slap in the face of the Liberian people
by Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf who according to the TRC Report is also
responsible for the killing of innocent people in the 14 years civil
crisis in Liberia.

Across the globe are waves of political current moving with
jet-like speed for change and equal justice. There is a balloon flying
with that current fron Tunisia, Sudan, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Jordan,
Yemen, and Lebanon and now over Egypt. The world does't quiet yet know
where this balloon is going to land but we have to watch the movement
because it might be a dominos effect and Liberia is not immune to the
current of change now sweeping across the globe. We just have to be
brave and rise to the challenge of the moment.

With voters' registration still hanging in the balance, anxiety is
setting in as to the recurring of 2005 elections when France
Johnson-Morris and James Flomoyan rigged the presidential electon and
deprived voters their choice of leadership.

As concerned citizen of Liberia, I deem it necessary to sound the
trumpet for the progressives to champion the people's cause and remain
the impetus that keeps the TRC Report afloat for implementation. I am
sounding the trumpet for the Ellen's addministration to reconstitute the
EllectionCommission in order to avoid fraud in the coming elections.
Mak no mistake the country is still a tender box waiting to catch on
fire if potential problems in the electoral process are not addressed
before October.

What is also surprising is that instead of completing the
ministries and agencies built by the Doe administration, Ellen opted to
pay arrears to her people for properties built with stolen money in
Liberia. It is imperative that Ellen listen to the voices of the people
and unconditionally implement the TRC Report and meet the demand to
reconstitute the Election Commission. She need to be mindful there is a
balloon for change flying around the globe, it is important to keep
watch on the location of this balloon. I call on likeminded progressives
to mobilize and rally the troops for the common good of a country
spinning for political direction and leadership.
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Where are the Progressives?
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