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 Chris Wisner Contests CDC National Chairmanship USA

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PostSubject: Chris Wisner Contests CDC National Chairmanship USA   Tue Apr 27, 2010 4:44 am

CDC is ready,” says Christopher WisnerBy Augustus ToomeyA top ranking
official of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), Mr.
Christopher Wisner has reaffirmed his party’s commitment to
transform Liberia.
In an exclusive interview with the People’s
News Mr. Wisner who is contesting for the National Chairman of
the party in the Diaspora, said his party is ready and has
the political will and mechanism to bring about the kind of
change that transform Liberia from what he calls, “
Economic dead drums to Economic prosperity.”
He stressed the
need to ensure accountability as a cardinal principle to
ensuring prosperity. Mr. Wisner pointed out that the grass rooters
must be fairly treated. Adding that there must be equitable
distribution of the country’s wealth and resources.
Mr. Wisner emphasized that
contrary to criticisms, that the former standard bearer or
the first partisan of his party Mr. George Weah is ready to
lead. He said that it will take the collective effort on the part
of all members and officials of the party to rally around the
leadership to ensure that the party platform is fully implemented
for the good of the Liberia people.

The energetic political
stalwart said that the members of the Liberian Leglisture that
will be elected this time around will be individuals who will
provide leadership. He said there will be a vetting process
that will ensure that the best of the best is available for the
kind of leadership the Liberian people desire and Liberian
National Legislature deserves.
Mr. Christopher Gyudew Dweh Wisner is a
1996 graduate of the University of Liberia with a bachelor of
arts degree in business and public administration. He is
currently pursuing a master’s degree in community psychology
at the Metro States University in Minnesota.
Mr. Wisner once served
as the Secretary General of the All Liberian Coalition Party
(ALCOP) and was candidate for the standard Bearer-ship
of the that party. He is now the acting vice chairman for
administration for CDC Minnesota Chapter. Mr. Wisner is one
of the most experience partisan in the party and brings a worth
of knowledge in political party management and operations.
Congress for Democratic Change
(CDC) is a Liberian political party formed by supporters
of George Weah's 2005 presidential candidacy.
In the 11 October 2005
elections, Weah placed first in the presidential poll, winning
28.3% of the vote. He was defeated by Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
of the Unity Party in the 8 November run-off election, winning
40.6% of the vote compared to Johnson-Sirleaf's 59.4%. The
party won 3 seats in the Senate and 15 in the House of

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Chris Wisner Contests CDC National Chairmanship USA
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