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 Let a Kid Be a Kid

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PostSubject: Let a Kid Be a Kid   Wed Feb 17, 2010 12:14 am

Today’s Devotional Written By A Grown Up With The Heart Of A Child: Tracy Koweh

Blood is Thicker than Water

Let a Kid Be a Kid
Matthew 19:14 (Amplified Bible)

14But He said, Leave the children alone! Allow the little ones to come to Me, and do not forbid or restrain or hinder them, for of such [as these] is the kingdom of heaven composed.

A few weeks back I had to report to work on a day when most businesses and schools were closed due to bad weather. This meant Jai and Shane would be home alone until I got off of work. Well, on my lunchtime I did a check up call to make sure all was well, and to tell them both I missed them. As Shane began to replay the events of the morning, he mentioned that Jai had eaten cheese and potatoe chips since they had been up.I asked Shane why he would give that to her and he replied, "She asked me for it." The first thing out of my mouth at that point, was something I had heard most of my childhood, "Who is the parent?"

In today's society the roles of parent and child have been lost in translation. As Jai's mother I see that her sole responsibility in life right now is to be a child. That means she is to enjoy her youth, not worry about bills or parental disputes, play and have fun. Her greatest worry doing the day should be how to avoid getting a whipping. As Jai is growing and becoming older her role in the home is increasing, but not to benefit benefit her. I am suppose to prepare her to be able to stand on her own to feet when the time comes for her to leave the nest, so she can effectively do God’s will, not so she can be my rescuer. It is also my responsibility to make decisions now, so that I will not have to be a burden on her later in life.

The Bible instructs us to leave and inheritance for our children and their children, not bills, stress and worries. I know from personal experience the pressure one can feel to save their family, but sometimes only God can step in and bring about the turn around that is needed. For me I was pouring into a parent who did not appreciate what I was sacrificing to help them out, and so in the end I was left drained financially and emotionally, while they were given financial stability and freedom to make the same mistakes all over again. I had to learn that every hardship is not from the enemy, but sometimes its the choices we make within ourselves that cause us to be in pits we need others to help dig us out from.

Our children don't deserve to be guilted, manipulated or pressured into saving us. God has a purpose and a calling on their lives just as He does on ours. If our children are so busy trying to save our homes, our jobs, our finances, our sanity, our peace, and our family, they could very well be losing out on their house, their job, their finances, their sanity, their peace and their family. Today let us begin to correct the balance and make the line clear between parent and child. A mother and father are a "pair" of chosen vessels God is "renting" out His seeds to. We don't own our children, and our children don't owe us for being here

For how can love attain true appreciation
if it has never weathered tribulation?

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Let a Kid Be a Kid
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